Get hands-on with new products

Rated one of the most popular Summit programs, the Solutions Demo Sandbox is a self-guided, hands-on learning lab that provided attendees a turnkey environment with all the resources to build, learn and demonstrate Citrix solutions. Staffed by Demo Mentors, the Sandbox was a natural extension of the technology showcased during keynotes, within the Citrix Booth Experience and in the Learning Labs.

Attendees learned how to take their demos from good to great in order to close more deals, and watched daily Sandbox theater presentations on topics ranging from demo excellence to developing insightful customer engagements using Citrix Insight Services. New this year, Citrix Demo Warrior contest winners presented demos on how Citrix technology addresses customer business challenges.

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Topics for the Sandbox Sessions Included:

How to get started with subscription services on a limited budget

Delivering workloads from the cloud is just one piece of the puzzle. For partners, stitching different apps and cloud components together presents a lucrative opportunity to sell value-added services. XenApp and XenDesktop services are ideal for small to medium organizations looking to mobilize their apps and embrace digital transformation, without the cost and advanced skill-set. Citrix offers seamless management of both cloud and on-premises solutions using a single console, enabling customer flexibility to select the right model, and change direction at any point. This session will demonstrate how using HDX Ready Pi, pioneered by Citrix, reduces project cost by nearly 80% compared to traditional on-premises solutions from VMware. You will understand how to expand these services over time, quickly achieving global scale for customers without the traditional capital expenditure. For partners, stitching the different apps and cloud components together presents a lucrative opportunity to sell value-added services.

Securing Citrix apps and desktops with XenServer

Hackers employ numerous techniques to compromise datacenter workloads and gain access to them and your corporate data. As a hypervisor-based security solution, XenServer can protect virtual workloads from outside of the VM and without any VM agents—simpler to deploy and manage than any other virtualization solution. In this session, you will experience the latest XenServer innovations that enable your customers to secure their virtual apps and desktops. You’ll also learn how XenServer Direct Inspect APIs are unique to the virtualization market, providing a completely new way to protect infrastructures with minimal overhead, and how to best protect from malicious datacenter activity in a simple, secure and scalable manner.

Expedite workflows and secure shared documents with ShareFile

To be most efficient, users need their workflows to be integrated directly into their file sharing solution. The numerous productivity features in Citrix ShareFile extend beyond file sync and sharing to include collaboration, approvals, co-editing and e-signature functionality. In this session, you’ll learn how to expedite workflows and collaborate on documents securely with a colleague, client or vendor using ShareFile information rights management, a powerful new feature that lets data security “follow the file” even if it leaves the ShareFile system and finds its way to unprotected devices.

Citrix Cloud solutions and services sandbox

Citrix Cloud is the easiest way to manage your multiservice Citrix deployments to create complete integrated workspaces. In this session, you will learn, through real-world use cases, why customers are choosing cloud first, why Citrix Cloud is the best way to deploy and manage Citrix technologies, and how your deployment can be simplified using Citrix Cloud. The demo environment provides everything you would get in production: learn how to implement and optimize your use cases, how to leverage your existing on-premises assets and how to use the public cloud optimally. If you have a question, this is the place to try it out.

High-performance XenDesktop and XenApp HDX solutions for different verticals

Experience the capabilities of Citrix and partner technologies in a rich, engaging user environment with server scalability running highly graphical/interactive content delivered over HDX to low-cost and low-specification client devices. This graphically rich environment will present challenging use cases as near-native experiences that include a CAD/CAM application, a medical imaging application, a GIS (geographic information system) application and a computer gaming application. We’ve also added a WAN emulator to demonstrate the effect of different networking conditions on the different graphics codec technologies used in Citrix HDX products.

Experience secure, mobile productivity with XenMobile

Citrix has the most tightly integrated mobile workspace suite in the industry. XenMobile, NetScaler, and XenApp/XenDesktop offer a seamless single-sign-on experience across native mobile, SaaS, Web, and virtual Windows apps and desktops. In this session, you will learn how to help your customers make their mobile users more productive without sacrificing security—even without MDM for employee-owned devices. This session shows you how to securely deliver native mobile, SaaS, Web, and virtual Windows apps and data to mobile devices, as well as our own suite of secure mobile productivity apps. You’ll learn how your customers can implement a bring-your-own-device program that meets the security needs of corporate IT without the added risk involved in requiring users to MDM-enroll their personally owned devices.

Redefining the workspace

How do customers define workspaces? Are they physical? Are they mobile? Are they virtual? Help your customers reimagine the workspace of the future: Citrix enables workspaces that are not only secure and flexible, but also functional and cost-effective. See how enterprise requirements are met through innovative demos with the HDX Pi, Workspace Hub and workflow orchestration. 

NetScaler MAS solution demo for Application Delivery Services

NetScaler MAS is an application-centric management, analytics and orchestration system that provides a single console to operationalize and automate delivery of network services. Unlike competitors, NetScaler MAS centralizes policy management across devices and applications, and provides end-to-end real-time analytics from one platform to simplify IT operations and enable DevOps processes while reducing costs. Experience NetScaler MAS innovation in this demo and learn how it transforms the way networking operations and developers can program the infrastructure to create app delivery services.

How HDX user experience innovations will impact partner revenue

The new HDX protocol coming in 2017 blends the technologies Citrix gained in the Framehawk acquisition with the latest innovations in Thinwire, the leanest remote delivery technology, to deliver faster printing, fast file sharing and robust network handling even under high packet loss. Now customers can now deploy VDI to the farthest corners of the planet, letting users on wireless broadband and mobile networks stay productive using VDI as their primary workspace. Learn how ultrareliable, ultrafast HDX will open markets for VDI which were not considered a good fit until now, improving satisfaction levels and expanding the revenue pie.

Highlighting the importance of unified communications (a.k.a Skype) to VDI

Skype for Business is growing at a fast pace and VDI solutions need to ensure performance and user experience. Learn why it matters, what to look for in a great solution, and how to block VMware effectively. In this session, you’ll learn how to set up and demo Skype for Business from a variety of endpoints and use Skype for Business as the opportunity to land new customers who may not have used VDI before. Plus, learn how to highlight the performance advantage, security advantage, and broad client support with the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack versus the generic solution from VMware.

Consolidate identity, access, and security using Citrix

Security doesn't need to be complex and it doesn't need to be expensive. Learn how to talk about Citrix security to the security architect and how to demo identity aggregation, smart access controls, and cloud security services to the security buyer. This demo covers various best practices and features introduced over the past year, and will help you address your customer’s security challenges and show how Citrix will fit in their strategy.