Session previews

The Session Catalog with detailed information on sessions and speakers is now available. You can use the Session Catalog to create a customized schedule with the sessions and activities that are most relevant to your role and interests.

ServTech Technical sessions are not yet in the catalog, but they will be added soon. In the meantime, here is a preview of what will be offered in this year’s track:

ServTech Technical

Delivering Reliability with Citrix Cloud
In this session, attendees will gain insight into the work Citrix has done across engineering, architecture and operations to deliver on customer's reliability expectations. We will also discuss methods to handle common customer objections and deep dive into the work customers can do on their end to make their environment as reliable and resilient as possible.

At the end of this session, attendees should be better prepared to handle customer aversions to adopting Citrix Cloud, ultimately driving adoption of cloud service in their customer base.

Protecting customer data
In this session we will review our current security policies, what that means to you, and how you can do your part to keeping our customers safe and secure.

How to integrate Citrix Endpoint Management with Office 365 with SSO Experience
Over the last year I have worked together with Hilbert van Oudenaren on a customer case around the integration of Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM) with Office 365 and on-premise ADFS to provide a full Single Sign On (SSO) experience for their users against Office 365 Apps. During that customer engagement we had to invent and test most of the solutions in lab environments as this was never done before (at least not in the EMEA region).

Because more and more customers are migrating to Azure Cloud and Office 365 this use case will become more and more interesting. As of such our goal with this session is to provide a high-level overview of how this deployment works and to show the user experience with SSO against Office365 which is a unique selling point for the Citrix Endpoint Management integration with Intune/EMS.

This session will not only describe how CEM can be integrated with Intune/EMS but how to build on-top of the integration by providing SSO into the Office365 apps through Certificate Based Authentication (CBA).

This session focusses on Citrix Endpoint Management, Microsoft Azure with Office 365 and Microsoft ADFS with Certificate Based Authentication for SSO against the Office365 app.

Overview and best practices for deploying App Layering compositing engines and user personalization layer for CVAD
Let's go under the hood with two new exciting App Layering features: compositing engines and user personalization layer (UPL) for CVAD. We will review how the features work, the benefits and use cases, and also look at best practices and do's and don'ts.

CVAD Security Best Practices
In this session, we will discuss the most common attacks against CVAD deployments together with methods, tools and resources to secure against these attacks.

What are the top 10 most important changes you can do to make your environment more secure? Join us to learn more about how to secure your environment.

Deploying Citrix ADC VPX on Google Cloud Platform
Citrix, aware of the importance of being where their customers are, has expanded the partnership with Google by announcing availability of Citrix ADC VPX on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on January 2nd, 2019. Now GCP customers can deploy the Citrix ADC VPX from GCP Marketplace. The capabilities support on the ADC VPC will continue to growth, with High Availability support to be released on Q3 2019.

The session “Deploying Citrix ADC VPX on Google Cloud Platform” focuses on facilitating the knowledge for Citrix customers and partners to be successful when implementing Citrix ADC VPX on GCP. From the very basics of sizing the instance correctly until some classic functionality like SSL VPN with NFactor. Participants will leave with a step-by-step plan for implementing their own Citrix ADC VPX on GCP and leverage the different state-of-the-art features available.

Citrix ADC Migration Strategies - Lessions from the field
Lessons from the field for customer migrations that involve:

  • Migrations Strategy: MPX, SDX, VPX, Cloud
  • Configuration: converting from Basic to Advanced policies
  • Custom Gateway changes with RFWebui

SD-WAN in Azure: Lessons from the field
This session will cover Lessons Learned from the field (CCS and Shared Services) for implementing SD-WAN in Azure.
Best practices, recommendations, potential issues and bottlenecks, Running MCN in Azure, Internet connections, ExpressRoute etc.

nFactor Customizations
More customers are using the NetScaler authentication profile with nFactor and login schema with group extraction against Multiple domains. Once we have the config we want, we can then show how to backup the authentication virtual server config and move it over to other NS around the world.

Federation Authentication Services Cloud Reference Architectures
In a cloud-first and security focused world, customers are increasing leveraging cloud-based identity providers to allow access to multiple resources using a single set of credentials. This allows for greater flexibility and security for providing access to different user segments. When integrating these solutions with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, the Federated Authentication Services component is vital to ensure a seamless user experience.

To allow for streamlined deployments, Citrix Consulting has gathered information from common customer deployments to develop a set of Federated Authentication Services reference architectures.

StoreFront & Workspace Lessons from the Field v2
It has been a while since we last shared some StoreFront lessons learned and in the meantime, we have seen new features added (such as SAML authentication), demand for integration with new Citrix Cloud services (CVAD, Analytics), and customers evaluating the migration path to aka Workspace service, so it is time for an update! In this session, we will discuss some old favorites like Gateway integration and GSLB, cover some new things like multi-site aggregation (with zones!), SAML authentication, and close out with migration considerations to Workspace service. In true lessons learned format, we will be talking about what works and what doesn't with lots of real-world examples.

Single Sign-On to SaaS, Web, Virtual and Mobile Apps
A user's primary identity provides access to Citrix Workspace. Many of the resources within the user's workspace includes a secondary identity, different from the primary identity. Too many identities and passwords break the user's experience and destroys security. Learn how Citrix Workspace:

  1. Provides single sign-on services to workspace resources
  2. Improves the user's workspace experience
  3. Simplifies authorization to workspace resources (hire/retire processes)

Latest Technologies to consider in Public Cloud Deployments
Public clouds are constantly adding new features and capabilities, allowing for more robust and seamless Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. In order to best set up customers for success, the customer should be aware of the available technologies, the potential benefit to their environment, and considerations based on previous experience. This session will introduce a subset of the latest public cloud technologies that have proven beneficial during Citrix Consulting engagements. Additionally, the session will include third-party products to consider that may be advantageous based on specific requirements.

Citrix on Azure - What's new and what's next?
As 2019 closes the Citrix and Microsoft partnership continues to evolve strengthening the ability to deliver Citrix Workspace from Microsoft Azure. This session will focus on the latest updates from 2019 and beyond including a Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Managed Desktop, and the latest data on Azure scalability, including a comparison of the findings for multi-session Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019. We will also take a look at the planned enhancements for key Azure integrations such as Autoscale, Machine Creation Services, Citrix ADC, and Citrix SD-WAN.

Windows Virtual Desktop and CMD (DaaS)
With the launch of Citrix Managed Desktops we’ve seen significant interest in the desktops as a service model and how the solution is a great path to the cloud. Join us as we dive into the detailed overview of architecture and deployment models for Citrix Managed Desktops and familiarize yourself with the latest cloud offering. Also, you will learn best practices around connectivity of your cloud hosted desktops to on-prem resources such as Active Directory, File servers and more. Lastly, we’ll cover the latest feature enhancements recently released and what is coming. Don't miss this timely session.