Session previews

The session catalog with detailed information on sessions and speakers will be available soon. Once published, you can use the session catalog to create a customized schedule with the sessions and activities that are most relevant to your role and interests. Be among the first to be notified when the session catalog is published by registering now for Summit. In the meantime, here is a sampling of what you can expect at this year's event.

Enhancing data security within the Citrix Workspace
If you’ve been wondering how you can improve security with the multiple microapps integrated into the Workspace, join us as we take a peek under the hood. In this session, we will review and discuss at the secure architecture behind the intelligence in the Citrix Workspace.

Hybrid multi-cloud for Workspace
Hybrid and multi-cloud environments may be the new normal, but one thing remains the same: customers want the best end-user experience. During these sessions, we will review multi-cloud architecture and deployment methods that create end-to-end application visibility, protect customer investment, and help IT teams empower their LOB customers and internal developers.

How vulnerable is the cloud, really?
When it comes to implementing cloud-based solutions, two of the biggest customer concerns are 1) ‘Will I lose direct control of my data?’ and 2) ‘Can I trust this provider’s security?’ In these sessions, we address these questions by reviewing the data sovereignty steps Citrix has taken. We’ll also dive into the technical architecture that protects the customer's implementation of our cloud solutions—and gains their confidence.

Delivering cloud-native apps using microservices, open-source architectures (Kubernetes)
What are the best ways to manage your new cloud-native application infrastructure? In these sessions, learn everything you need to know about IT transformation, cloud, and the new application development technologies that are changing the face of application delivery.  

Better together with Microsoft
Together, Citrix and Microsoft are transforming the workplace and bringing it into the modern era. To grow your business and profits, you need to stay up to date on all the evolving innovations and advancements around our joint solutions. In this session, get the latest on the Citrix and Microsoft partnership across our workspace, networking, and analytics offerings.  

Give Your customers choice: future proof with hybrid multi-cloud
Businesses want to limit their dependence on any one vendor, so multi-cloud is a normal occurrence for most organizations. Hear straight from Citrix product experts how Citrix Networking will accelerate your hybrid, multi-cloud journey. Learn how exciting new innovations separate Citrix from the competition by enhancing performance, visibility, security, and availability.

What’s new with Citrix Workspace
Technology can complicate life for employees. From multiple passwords and accounts, to ever-changing locations, apps and devices: complexity keeps users from getting work done. Citrix Workspace transforms the employee experience by delivering an industry-leading, intelligent experience that organizes, guides, and automates work, resulting in improved productivity and engagement. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest updates to Citrix Workspace, how they will transform the employee experience and usher in the Future of Work.

Don’t begin the cloud native app journey without Citrix ADC
By 2022, over 75% of global organizations will be running containerized apps in production. However, containerization is only as effective as the Application Delivery Controller that it’s paired with. Cloud native applications require a high degree of infrastructure automation, security, monitoring, and networking. In this session, you will learn how the Citrix cloud native solution provides architecture flexibility, app and API security, actionable insights, performance and scale—and works seamlessly with your current environment and tools.

Partner incentives and specialization program updates for 2020
Don’t leave money on the table. Position your team to take advantage of the new partner incentives and specialization programs in 2020. In these sessions, learn how to optimize your profits, get a better understanding of the simplified specialization requirements, and explore how to leverage the new incentive program. Come learn about the evolution of our partner program!

The number one way to better connect with customers is to improve your marketing practice. The Marketing track is designed to offer real-life scenarios and help direct teams who want to leverage the latest marketing trends. This intensive, two-day agenda will include Citrix Marketing executives and industry experts who will help you develop innovative skills, evolve your go-to-market strategy, and guide you every step of the way toward improving your marketing practice and taking your business to the next level.  

Understanding multi-tenancy with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops
Are you a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) looking to serve multiple customers within the same CVAD service subscription? During this session, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the new multi-tenant models for Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops (CVAD). Attendees can expect an overview of all the updated program rules as well as a high-level walk through the technical aspects of setting up customers with their secure CVAD service. Learn more about various configuration aspects of Citrix Cloud, along with the CVAD components like studio, director, resource locations, and more.

You’re ready to pursue cloud transformation, but need a solid plan of action for your projects. Hear firsthand from those who have done it—and succeeded. At the Citrix Talks panel discussions, customers and their Citrix account team and partners will share invaluable experience, advice, and best practices for success. Walk away with confidence and knowledge about how to move your business forward.