ServTech @ Summit 2019

Summit has long been the go-to event for tech pros to learn, network, and get an advance look at what’s coming from Citrix.  

New for 2019, ServTech was part of Summit as a technical track. Summit attendees were able to take advantage of the invaluable workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities offered by ServTech.  

How participants learned and explored ServTech:

  • Deep-Dive Training: Participants went in-depth with the entire range of Citrix products and discovered new operations-improving solutions.
  • By Tech Pros, For Tech Pros: Attendees got comprehensive information from other experienced industry specialists.
  • Direct Access to Experts: Engineers, product teams, sales pros, and enterprise architects were all on-hand to answer questions for attendees.
  • Superior Seminars: Broad-based presentations, focused demos, candid conversations, and more allowed participants to learn in a variety of ways.
  • New, Next and Now: Participants learned how they can do more today, as well as what’s in store for tomorrow.
  • Put the “Work” Into Network: Attendees forged lasting, ground-up relationships with the people building the tools they use every day.

There was more in store for Summit ’19 with ServTech:

For 2019, we decided to break down the barriers. Resources were available based on attendees' desire to learn, not their organizational role or partnership status. Building communication inroads via open exchanges of ideas was easy.

Additionally, the ServTech track welcomed a truly global audience. Since Citrix Summit attendees join us from all over the world, attendees enjoyed a unique opportunity to experience brand-new content with a fresh focus and the latest tech alongside their contemporaries in the global marketplace. 

The ServTech track was expertly crafted by professionals to offer fellow “tech-xperts” what they need, how they need it. 

Now, as Summit’s new technical track, ServTech’s scope and reach is greater than ever before. What was already the industry-leading tech conference has truly become an essential exposition of the best in enterprise tech.