Marketing Track for Citrix Partners @ Summit

Thrive as a marketing leader in the digital marketing era

Get up-to-date fast on the latest marketing trends, strategies and tactics, and how to leverage them for success in 2019 in our exclusive marketing track. Learn from top experts how to make better connections with your customers resulting in more leads and revenue.

Join us for two days of interactive sessions and workshops to develop new skills and new ways to keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads. When you get back to business, you'll hit the ground running with actionable next steps regarding:

  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Marketing for mid- and small-sized companies
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing planning
  • Revenue marketing
  • Outbound and inbound digital marketing
  • Partner marketing update on our Citrix Partner KickStart program, Strategic Development Funds and MarketingIQ for 2019

Registration for the marketing track is $295 and is exclusive to marketing professionals from our partners. Your registration includes access to the Summit Keynote, Marketing Track Breakout Sessions, The Exchange, Welcome Reception and Partner Appreciation Party. 

Hear from these marketing experts

Featured marketing track sessions


Your customers have turned online to find the businesses, services, and products they intend to buy, even if they intend to buy them in person. But how is a marketer to sift through the dizzying array of channels buyers have access to today? The good news is the answer isn't to do more. It's to develop a strategy to do less, but in a way that allows you the greatest leverage and access to the greatest number of ideal clients.

In this practical session, best-selling author John Jantsch will outline how to build a total online presence and integrate all of your marketing efforts to create the greatest impact.

Learn how to:

  • Create a strategy that focuses only on ideal clients
  • Build a message that gives you a competitive advantage
  • Match your marketing tactics to your customer's buying journey
  • Use content to actually generate leads
  • Find the right online marketing channels
  • Get more every marketing campaign

Facebook and LinkedIn continue to evolve as platforms but has your strategy changed to match? Standing out from the competition means using your best content combined with the strengths of the platforms and then measuring what is really working for you.


  • How social media is evolving and what is working now in the B2B market
  • How to approach your Facebook and LinkedIn strategy 
  • How to post and when to get maximum engagement
  • How to differentiate your business from competitors
  • How Facebook and LinkedIn Ads fit into your strategy
  • What metrics to track to know that your efforts are working

Study after study shows that personalized messaging consistently outperforms generic content. New technologies are making targeted, dynamic demand generation strategies like account based marketing (ABM) more accessible than ever, helping to shorten the B2B sales cycle and accelerate your pipeline. Plenty of media agencies will help you with the technology part of the equation, but they're looking to you for a differentiated, persona-based, journey-mapped content strategy. This session will help you get your messaging plans in order so you’re ready for the next generation of digital marketing.

Discover how today’s buyers need a different approach from marketing. We’ll look at why most marketers are focused on the wrong things, what are the right things, and how you can make a difference.

Marketing is no longer the “pens and mugs” department! The role for the modern marketer today is to be a revenue driver. But how do you begin this massive transformation? Join us for an engaging and spirited workshop to learn the basics of becoming a Revenue Marketer and how you can apply the basics to your current situation. Warning: Be prepared to learn and have FUN!


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