Hands-on training in Citrix Learning Labs

Citrix Summit offered hands-on learning that delivered intensive training just like the best Citrix education classes, available in a self-paced program as well as in an expert-guided workshop.

Instructor-led Learning Labs

Partners experienced the latest Citrix products and solutions in a virtual hands-on environment before Summit began in this preconference workshop, which offered technical instruction in a small-group setting under the close supervision of Citrix experts. Up to two labs were included with registration.

Self-paced Learning Labs

Partners worked at their own pace, on their own schedule: no reservations were necessary for Self-paced Learning Labs, enabling partners to plug in, select a lab topic and begin training on topics from introductory to advanced. Topics for Self-paced Learning Labs included:

Topics for Self-paced Learning Labs include:

Creating Linux golden images with Provisioning Services

Learn how to use the Linux Delivery Agent for RHEL/CentOS distributions to create Linux virtual desktops. Part of XenApp and XenDesktop, Linux virtual desktop extends the reach of IT to enable more use cases by offering CentOS support and client drive mapping. Join this lab to learn how to provision Linux virtual desktops directly in the XenDesktop environment and see how Linux virtual desktop supports publishing using XenApp in addition to anonymous login, among other features.

Simplify SaaS application deployment and native one-time password (OTP) on NetScaler Unified Gateway

Learn about some of the most innovative single sign-on features in Citrix NetScaler. See how NetScaler secures your simplified SaaS applications with Unified Gateway on any NetScaler platform. You'll also learn how native one-time-password (OTP) simplifies the user login experience, removes any third-party integration requirements and reduces the risk that a password can be stolen by limiting the time that it is usable. You'll also learn how to streamline the management and deployment experience of your SaaS applications with the Unified Gateway app catalog.

Gain competitive advantage with key new features in NetScaler SD-WAN

Learn about new features and enhancements in the 9.3 and 10.0 releases of NetScaler SD-WAN, which feature a simpler configuration model than previous versions. You will learn how to successfully deploy SD-WAN overlay over MPLS Queue deployments and leverage the underlay OSPF and eBGP protocols to help build the SD-WAN overlay network. You'll also learn how to create routing domains to segregate traffic and more.

XenMobile 10.7: an integrated deployment

Citrix XenMobile is a comprehensive solution that allows you to extend access to mobile, SaaS, Web and Windows-based apps from a unified app store, including seamlessly integrated email, browser and content management. In this lab, you will walk through the major components of a successful XenMobile deployment, learn tips and tricks from the professional's deployment handbook, configure the latest features in version 10.7 and finally fully integrate into the existing Citrix infrastructure components.

Increase your NetScaler IQ to better manage your NetScaler ADCs

Learn to configure your NetScaler environment for improved efficiency and performance through GLSB, Content Switching, clustering, SSL offload and more. Learn how to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your entire infrastructure from a single, unified console, and use real-time analytics to identify and address app performance and security issues. You'll also get a refresher on the basic business use cases for Citrix NetScaler, identify deployment requirements, deployment types and architectures and recall basic configuration steps.