Deploy workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment with a single license

Introducing Citrix Universal subscription to meet you wherever you are on your deployment journey

In order to support the needs of enterprise IT to remain flexible and optimize investments, Citrix is doubling down on what we do best—delivering the highest quality Windows, Linux, Web and SaaS apps from any cloud or datacenter to individuals worldwide—with new flexibility to make the transition to cloud at your own speed.

Citrix Universal subscription gives you the freedom to host both the Citrix software stack, and your workloads, anywhere:

Manage Citrix infrastructure 

Your Citrix environment can be managed on-premises, in a public cloud of your choice, and/or on our Citrix cloud services control plane in any combination.

Deploy Citrix workloads 

Your application and desktop workloads can be deployed on-premises or in a public cloud. 

Even better, you will have access to all the features you know and love from both Citrix on-premises and cloud editions to get the most out of your environments. Burst to the cloud with ease, offload management to Citrix, keep necessary data on-premises, secure every app and desktop, and more with Citrix Universal.

Citrix Universal subscription licenses bring organizations the best of cloud and on-premises deployments, with no pressure to move.

Frequently asked questions

With Citrix Universal subscription, organizations are able to use both IT-managed Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix DaaS cloud services for the duration of their subscription. This is different from hybrid rights where organizations had a limited timeline to migrate to the cloud. Additionally, organizations can run their Citrix Universal environments on-premises, in IT-managed “lift and shift” public cloud, private cloud, or with Citrix DaaS cloud services. They are also able to mix “customer-managed” components with cloud services.

Citrix Universal editions include features from both Citrix DaaS cloud editions and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises editions. Here are the details:

  • Citrix Universal Advanced includes Citrix DaaS Advanced and Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced
  • Citrix Universal Advanced Plus includes Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced 
  • Citrix Universal Premium includes Citrix DaaS Premium and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium
  • Citrix Universal Premium Plus includes Citrix DaaS Premium Plus and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium 

For more information on the specifics of each Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops edition, please visit the feature matrix.

Citrix Universal subscription licenses are available for environments in quantities of 250 (user/device) or 100 (concurrent) licenses and up. Please talk to your Citrix partner or representative for more information.

Learn more about Citrix Universal subscription at Destination: Hybrid.