Radically simplify your application delivery and security

Transform how you deliver and secure applications with the world’s first intent-based service

For your customers and employees, application experience is everything. With Citrix App Delivery and Security service, it’s easier than ever to ensure each app performs fast and stays secure with completely automated configurations.

Reduce complexity at every step of your app delivery lifecycle

Choose the option that works best for you, whether you'd like to monitor the health of your environment yourself (Self Managed) or have Citrix manage the process for you (Citrix Managed). Either way, you can be assured your applications will perform fast and stay secure.

Intent-based configurations

Turn your intent into policies

Replace error-prone manual configurations with automatic adaptations: Simply set your desired app KPIs to have them translated into the right policies.

Unmatched automation

Reduce complexity at every step

Automate every step of your application delivery lifecycle for better protection and faster performance—no manual configurations needed.

Ongoing optimizations

Continuously monitor application health

Optimize for the best experience, always, with service that continually adapts to your changing environment to detect and correct issues fast.

Comprehensive security

Secure your entire infrastructure

Protect all apps and APIs from the latest cyberthreats with layers of comprehensive security: DDoS protection, web app firewall, bot management, and more.

Internet state visibility

Erase the internet blind spot

Analyze billions of user sessions and networks to automatically adjust traffic and keep internet bottlenecks from impacting performance.

See what you can achieve with Citrix App Delivery and Security service

Build your own hybrid cloud migration strategy

Make the most of every investment as you migrate apps to the cloud

Maintain security when employees work remotely

Boost productivity with easy-to-scale remote work security solutions

Build a better business continuity strategy

Maintain business operations in times of disruption

Automate your application delivery 

Simplify and speed app and API delivery with the world’s first intent-based service

See what ESG has to say about driving simplicity, agility, security and performance by redefining application delivery and security services.

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Once we deployed the new Citrix App Delivery and Security service, we were able to mitigate a DDoS attack against our infrastructure almost immediately. Within 24 hours, we saw that our investment already had paid off.

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