The Exchange

The Exchange is an all-new concept featuring a collaborative atmosphere for sharing information, ideas and best practices. The Exchange delivers the one-on-one and small-group interactions that have always been the best part of Summit. Highlights include the Welcome Reception on Monday evening, plus:

Solutions Expo

Get to know our sponsors and vendors: what were just booths are now meeting places that enable you to build relationships and hear about new technology that complements Citrix solutions. The highlight of the Solutions Expo is the Citrix Booth Experience, featuring demo pods that showcase the future of work, one innovation at a time.

Geek Speak @ Summit Theaters

Short, focused sessions presented by experts will demonstrate how others are addressing real-world IT challenges and transforming their organizations using Citrix technology. Learn how to demo true end-to-end Citrix integration to your customers, and see how Citrix solutions will help you target new markets and beat the competition.

Networking Lounge

Summit is all about engagement, helping you connect with channel colleagues, sales teams and industry, product, and marketing experts. Once registered, you can contact other registered attendees in advance and arrange face-to-face meetings in the hotel lobby, outside a session room, or in the Networking Lounge, a comfortable meeting space with tables and wireless connectivity. You can also set up meetings in the Networking Lounge on-site through the Lounge host.

Self-paced Learning Lab

Work at your own pace, on your own schedule: no reservations are necessary for the Self-paced Learning Lab. Just plug in, select a lab topic and begin training on topics from introductory to advanced, including installation, configuration and how to monitor, scale and optimize Citrix solutions. Labs are BYO, so bring your own Windows or Mac laptop and power cord to participate in the self-paced training. Click here for system requirements. External monitors will be provided for lab guide viewing, so bring a VGA adapter if your computer doesn't have a VGA port.

Camp Citrix Synergy

Sitting by the campfire, fishing in the lake: Camp Citrix Synergy will feed your nostalgia for summertime and introduce you to Citrix Synergy 2018, the premier industry conference on digital transformation. As you remember favorite camping pastimes, Synergy 2018 looks ahead to what the workspace of the future can do for your business. Set off down the trail and learn why partners who attended Synergy last year created 68% more opportunities than those who didn't. Then, stop by the fireside chat for toolkit resources and referral incentives that help you persuade your customers to join you at Synergy 2018. Camp Citrix Synergy will show you why attending Synergy is a natural next step after Summit for partners who are committed to growing their Citrix business. Be sure to visit—we'll save you a s'more!

System Requirements

Laptop Specifications
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (32- and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6 (32- and 64-bit) or higher with a working Citrix Receiver installed. Laptops will need VGA adapters or HDMI to connect to external monitors that will be provided.

Note: Tablets including iPad, iPhone, Chromebook and Blackberry are not supported.

Download Citrix Receiver >

Browser Requirements*
Web browser: Internet Explorer 9.1 or newer, Google Chrome 49.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 45.0 or newer, Apple Safari 9.1 or newer, and Microsoft Edge 37.1 or newer. Users should also test their partner/employee access to prior to event.

*JavaScript enabled on the browser