Technology networking events

Building relationships and networking with colleagues are the top reasons attendees come to Summit. They joined Citrix execs, sales teams and thought leaders to share opinions, industry news and unwind:


Summit Welcome Reception

This ideal IT networking event gave attendees the chance to mix with friends, make new connections and see new technologies from sponsor companies at the Solutions Expo.

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Partner Appreciation Party

Here’s where we showed the #CitrixPartnerLove! The final night party, including dinner and plenty of informal networking, was a great celebration of partnership.

Diversity in Technology

This dynamic talk on the science of implicit biases and their real-world consequences, led by Professor Jerry Kang, vice chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA, showed attendees how the attitudes and stereotypes that we are unaware of can influence hiring, social interactions and evaluations in organizations in ways that undermine productivity and teamwork. Partners learned strategies for greater awareness of implicit biases and how to counter them in individual and workplace circumstances.

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Compass Reception

Attendees new to Summit set a course for success with the Compass Reception, where Compass hosts—Summit program experts—offered guidance on optimizing their agendas with the most useful sessions and activities.

Networking Lounge

Using the Networking Lounge tool, attendees connected with colleagues headed to Summit before the conference even began, arranging face-to-face meetings in the hotel lobby, outside a session room, and in the Networking Lounge, a comfortable meeting space with tables and wireless connectivity. Attendees were also able to set up meetings in the Networking Lounge on-site through the Lounge hostess.


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