The Summit '19 Citrix Workspace Experience


At the Citrix Workspace Experience, partners had a chance to see what’s new and now from Citrix while connecting and networking with the minds responsible for bringing it to life. This all-important hub is where Citrix partners, Citrix sales, and product experts came together to exchange ideas, view demos, ask questions, and forge relationships. 

Areas of Interest

The Citrix Workspace Experience was comprised of three main areas:  

The Welcome Center

Attendees navigated a personalized journey through the Citrix Workspace Experience based on interests listed in their registration profile. Participants scanned their badges at the Welcome Center to receive their recommended experience and discussion topics.

Collaborative Discussion Areas

Partners had the option of choosing from four large discussion areas to network, learn, and understand how to enhance and grow their businesses and revenue. Collaborating directly with Citrix product leaders and product managers equipped attendees with strategies directly translatable to benefits that can be shared with customers. 

Immersive Experience

This imaginative environment immersed partners in new Citrix solutions and use cases. Presented as an airplane simulation, this experiential presentation offered a captivating demonstration of combined solutions working together uniformly to achieve spectacular results. 

  • The Cockpit: On the simulated flight deck, we demonstrated how HDX 3D Pro delivers integrated, graphically rich virtual apps and desktop environments. The capability of Citrix to deliver industry-leading visuals securely through challenging network environments became the spectacular star.
  • The Main Cabin offered end-to-end presentations highlighting specific Citrix technologies that keep us and our partners at the forefront of the evolving future of work.
  • The Wings guided partners on how to help their customers manage cloud solutions with Google and Azure.
  • The Device Bar showcased the benefits of Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Content Collaboration, Citrix Secure Mail, and Citrix Secure Web solutions.