Partners learned about the technologies changing our industry and how to position the latest solutions to their customers in the Citrix Booth Experience, which featured unique sessions in these distinct areas:

Solution Demo Pods

Two themed demo pods-Accelerate Digital Transformation and Simply Hybrid Cloud-showcased how Citrix technology offers complete and integrated solutions to address customer challenges. Solutions Demo Pod sessions addressed:

  • Unified endpoint management

  • Content collaboration

  • Unified workspace experience

  • Data in motion

  • Citrix Workspace Appliance

Secure Digital Workspace

Partners were able to see how the fully integrated digital Citrix Workspace enables IT to proactively manage security threats through a secure digital perimeter. Secure Digital Workspace sessions covered:

  • Analytics services

  • Cloud interconnect

  • Contextual access

Immersive Experience

Partners experienced Citrix solutions in two real-world environments:

  • Office of the Future: Today's office isn't just a destination or pre-assigned location. It's a dynamic environment filled with innovative tools leading to inspiration, collaboration and production. The Citrix Ready workspace hub is pivotal to that notion as it extends the edge of Citrix Workspace Services and merges digital and physical realms. By combining behavioral analytics, machine learning and IoT automation, Citrix Workspace helps customers transform their environment. In the Office of the Future, partners saw how Citrix Smart Office will change the way people work: not only where, but how and when data and actions are made available.

  • Healthcare Innovation Hub: Can happy patients, satisfied clinicians and efficient IT coexist in healthcare? Witness how Citrix re-envisions healthcare workflows enabled with innovative solutions. Extending the digital realm of Citrix Workspace Services with the physical realm delivered by the Citrix Ready workspace hub, Citrix Workspaces can expedite secure delivery of patient management and contextual records triggered by proximity. In this immersive hub, partners experienced how the Workspace Hub automates workspace provisioning, helps track resources and assets, and simplifies clinical workflows.

Solutions Demo Sandbox

The Sandbox offered a unique opportunity to get hands-on with Citrix products while learning about new use cases and how to resolve customer pain points. Sandbox workstation sessions featured:

  • Citrix solution integration and optimizations for Microsoft 365 in a digital workspace

  • Networking with MAS, Citrix Analytics services, SD-WAN and AppFirewall

  • New Citrix Workspace experience interface and identity integration, tools for onboarding cloud customers, and new cloud service licensing and help desk resources

  • User experience enhancements that optimize the performance of Skype for Business and high-definition graphics in a digital workspace

  • Performance advancements in HDX Adaptive Transport technology

  • Citrix Receiver enhancements for Windows 10 leveraging Microsoft Desktop Bridge technology

  • Citrix Ready Workspace Hub as a thin client with dual display, Skype for Business integration and as an Internet of Things (IoT) edge device

  • XenServer graphics enhancements including XenMotion of NVIDIA GPU–enabled VMs and security capabilities

  • Provisioning and delivery of Linux virtual applications and desktops

  • App Layering capabilities for Office 365, Windows desktops and application hosting servers

  • Provisioning workloads to public clouds including Azure, Azure Government, Azure Germany and AWS

  • Hosting and managing app and desktop workloads on Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud

  • It’s all about data: connectors, workflows and drive mapper

  • Unified endpoint management with XenMobile, Secure Mail and Windows 10